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Her Night Thoughts

The love he rarely brings me,
differently and long,
I keep here in a chamber
whose lock and key are strong.
No other song
rhymes with the songs he sings me.

The moments of our meeting
are brief and widely spaced;
our slow anticipation
has never been misplaced.
Lovely each taste
of joining and completing.

Tonight, when sleep deserts me
and solo thoughts are free,
I re-enact the pleasures
we take in company.
The more I see,
the more the absence hurts me.

How may I rediscover
my easiness of mind?
I turn the key and open
the chamber I designed;
wherein I find
a rhyme left by my lover.

The music of the verses,
their movement and their sway,
perform this token service:
to shorten the delay
until the day
for which my mind rehearses.

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