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Petrarch — Beato in sogno et di languir contento

Longing for sleep, to lethargy resigned,
embracing shadows, chasing summer’s breeze,
I swim in boundless and unfathomed seas.
I plough the waves, I build on sand, write on the wind.

Fixated on the sun, I have gone blind
with staring at its brightness; and astride
an ailing, ambling, crippled ox I ride
to hunt a fugitive and wandering hind.

Alive to nothing but my state of woe
(trembling, I actively desire the pain),
to none but Love, Death and my Lady I appeal.

Twenty long, weary years I’ve suffered so.
Tears, sighs and grief have been my only gain.
Ill-starred, I took the bait; and still the hook I feel!

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Listen to this translation — read by Peter Hetherington

Beato in sogno et di languir contento — Petrarch

Beato in sogno et di languir contento,
d’abbracciar l’ombre et seguir l’aura estiva,

nuoto per mar che non à fondo o riva;

solco onde, e ’n rena fondo, et scrivo in vento;

e ’l sol vagheggio, si ch’ elli à già spento

col suo splendor la mia vertù visiva,

et una cerva errante et fugitiva

caccio con un bue zoppo e ’nfermo et lento.

Cieco et stanco ad ogni altro ch’ al mio danno
il qual dì et notte palpitando cerco,

sol Amor et Madonna et Morte chiamo.

Così venti anni, grave et lungo affanno,

pur lagrime et sospiri et dolor merco:

in tale stella presi l’esca et l’amo!