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The Call

After Petrarch — Li angeli eletti e l’anime beate

The day my lady entered into grace
the angels and the spirits of the blest
— the citizens of Heaven — gathered round
in wonderment and reverence. They said,

‘Throughout this age, since One rose from the dead,
never such light, such beauty have we found
arising in a soul who seeks her rest
from sinful earth in this high dwelling place.’

She who has gladly changed her soul’s abode
is perfect among equals in that sphere.
Sometimes she turns and looks down at me here

to see how far I’ve travelled on the road.
Then all my longing thoughts to Heaven I raise.
I hear her. ‘Hurry after me,’ she prays.

Li angeli eletti e l’anime beate — Petrarch

Li angeli eletti e l’anime beate
cittadine del Cielo, il primo giorno
che Madonna passò, le fur intorno
piene di meraviglia et di pietate.

‘Che luce è questa et qual nova beltate?’
dicean tra lor: ‘perch’ abito sì adorno
dal mondo errante a quest’ alto soggiorno
non salì mai in tutta questa etate.’

Ella, contenta aver cangiato albergo,

si paragona pur coi più perfetti

et parte ad or ad or si volge a tergo,

mirando s’ io la seguo, et par ch’ aspetti;
ond’ io voglie et pensier tutti al Ciel ergo
perch’ i’ l’odo pregar pur ch’ i’ m’affretti.