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Vanna, Lagia and Anon Reply to Dante’s Invitation

Signori, this proposal is most kind!
But there are just two points we’d like to check
before we climb aboard, if you don’t mind.
The first: what shall we eat and drink on deck?

We’d like to bring a picnic: wine and bread,
some Tuscan cheeses, olives, watercress;
the inner man — and woman — must be fed;
an equal crew should share an equal mess.

And secondly, forgive a sceptic note:
you jolly sailor boys anticipate
that love shall be our topic of debate.
Is that as far as you intend to go?
From word to deed’s a little step, we know;
and none of us would want to rock the boat.

See ‘Guido i’ vorrei’ in section 6.